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You now have full access to my entire website business. I have been making money from this website business for over a year now. Currently this is just a part time fun money making business for me. I have seen many online moneymaking programs that may work for few individuals and may not work for others. However this is some thing that actually worked for me to make some additional income. All you have to do is follow the simple steps listed on this site and you will see your first profits within only a few days. I have done all the steps and hard work so you don’t have to do them. I have basically handed over your very own website business. Now see if you can answer the following question.

What is biggest selling item on eBay?

Now you may be surprised to learn it’s not mobile phones, it’s not games consoles, it’s actually intangible information products. Ever since eBay first came online and even before that information has made people millions. Whether its secrets on how to make a fantastic cheese cake, or how to build your own website, people want to buy this information with their hard earned cash. Information is one of the best things to sell on eBay for a number of reasons.

Apart from the initial outlay they cost nothing to send to customers, so profit is pretty much 100%.

With the internet getting bigger every day, there is potential for millions of customers to view your products (especially through eBay), which means more sales for you.

Selling things (pretty much anything can be sold on ebay) on ebay is the start of this business. You can sell this business on ebay. Sell used cloths, toys or movies. You can also try selling ebooks. EBooks can be sent automatically to your customers as soon as they have paid. Which means less work for you, a better service for your customers, and it also means you can earn while you sleep.

The whole world is your store front; you can sell to anyone in any country without having to worry about postage and packaging. Customers in China will receive their product as quickly as someone in the UK.

Now when I first started over a year ago now, I wish I had a web page like this to follow, because the following method is worth thousands! I was all over the place and had no focus when I started so it took me longer to make money. If you follow the guide on the next few pages YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!


Before you start

In order to get started you need the following :-

An eBay Account -
For US Register at Http://

You will probably already have an ebay account, but if you don’t have one sign up using the above link. Part of the business model requires selling on ebay

A Paypal Account – Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.You need a paypal account so that you can accept payments instantly via ebay and your website. Paypal is an essential tool.

A Website-
Well, this is the most important part of your online business. Having your own website!!! It’s exciting… This works for a beginner or experienced individuals to earn extra income. I hope you have some experience in either HTML or Microsoft FrontPage so you can either design/edit a simple website or modify WebPages. If you don’t know I can help you with that- yes that’s going to cost you. You may contact me from the help page.

Get Some web space and a domain –
If you don’t have one click on the link below



Brain host link

With Brain Host, you get a free website designed just for you. You can choose from many categories or pick one of your own. All you would do is pay for the hosting which can be had for as little as $4.95/month. Brain Host teamed with Creative Designs will create your own website design just for you for free.

Your website will provide people information about a topic which you choose. The site will have advertisements that are associated with that topic and you will earn money anytime one of the ads is clicked. This is the best type of website for you to start making money right away. This informational website will be designed for you for free. This will be the base of your company. You can add pages, information, and yes ebooks to your website. You will also need to sign up for a free Google adsense account. This is where Google will place ads on your website and when someone clicks on it, you will be paid. All the instructions for the Google adsense account will be given once you open your website.

I can’t stress getting this website enough. This is a ready made informational website for you. You do not have to come up with any of your own content to put on your website. But the beauty of it is that it is fully editable. You can add pages, delete existing pages, and edit pages. This company will give you step by step instructions on how to edit the website. As I talk about the other aspects of developing your business, you can use this ready made website to sell ebooks, use affiliates, and use Google adsense to make your fortune.

Click here for a tutorial of this free website design.  - This link is now to a stored web page, Brain Host has bought them out and the original page no longer exist, you can view it for reference. I will be adding different links for free sites as they become available, one thing about the internet, it keeps evolving. is a place to look at.

This is your investment. All business needs some investment. Let’s say hosting will cost you an average of $60-$70 a year and few other subscriptions may cost you about $30 a month, that’s about it. That’s your investment. Buy the time you do few of the first steps that I’ll show you later, you will already be making money to cover your expense.

A clickbank account Click here to sign up

Clickbank allows you to earn money through affiliate selling. This is where you will make good amount of money. More on this later.

For Step 4, you are going to need the following

An Aweber account - Click here to sign up

Aweber is a FANTASTIC service that allows you to start your own mailing list. It has tones of features, that some companies charge hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds each month for. Aweber costs only $19.95 a month, or less when subscribing for more than 1 month. They offer a 30 day free trial, so sign up today and give it a go, RISK FREE!

These are some helpful things you will need.

eBay’s Turbo Lister -Click here to download

eBay’s Turbo Lister is a free bit of software that allows you to list hundreds and even thousands of items quickly.

Upgrade your ebay selling account to Selling Manager Pro – Click here

This is currently $15.99 a month but it allows you to automate allot of your ebay business, such as automating feedback, listings and relistings as well as other things. Its definitely worth the $15.99 a month purely from the time saving aspect. As of writing this ebay where offering a 30 day free trial, so give it a go – risk free. If you don’t fancy paying $15.99 a month you can subscribe to the regular Selling Manager, which is a free upgrade from your normal selling account. However this is no way near as good as Selling Manager Pro.

To upgrade go to the Subscriptions page which is located on your ebay page.

A pop3 e-mail account

This is so you can automate your ebay business using outlook express. If you signed up for a domain and web hosting space as advised above then you can make a pop3 e-mail account as part of the package.

WinRAR – Click here to download

This is some free software which compresses and decompresses files.

 Adobe Reader – Click here to download

Most EBooks come in a pdf format so you will need this free pdf reading software.

Now you are ready to get started – So what are you waiting for:


Getting your business started

The steps that appear on the next few pages are easy to understand but do contain a great deal of information that a lot of people find difficult to absorb immediately. The methods fit together in such a way as to be a natural progression.

Whilst you may have been aware of some of these methods before, the success is in the integration of them together.

Whilst at first sight you feel over whelmed by all the information, don’t worry because if you follow my guide step by step you will be ok.

Each step is a natural progression so please try not to skip steps, from what you learn doing 1 step, will help you with the following steps.

I will talk about each step and how you are going to make money out of it. I will then give you at least 1 EBook which you need to read in order to understand how to implement the concept.


Step 1. Reselling this system

This is the only step you don’t actually have to do but it allows you to be up and running in less than 1 hour, and gives you some instant profit.

What i am allowing you to do is resell this website you are on now. You probably bought this site from me for at least $15 so you know it definitely sells; you bought it. This give you firstly an idea of what its like to make your first profits from ebay and secondly gives you some instant profit to help you get started on other ventures. So, YES sell it back on ebay. Learn more about international ebay sites and you can sell it on them as well.

If you are not a seller on ebay, take my word for it, start selling things, don’t just buy. That’s what I did for some years. There are millions of people looking to buy things on ebay.

Here is a quick guide on how to get started selling this system

1.) Once you have an ebay account set up you are going to list your first auction. Use this auction templateAll you need to do is copy and paste the html from that template into your auction description (make sure when pasting it into the ebay description box you select the “html” tab. To view the html of the template, open the template in internet explorer, click on the view button then select source. A note pad should open up. If not save the soursce to a folder, after right click on file, look for ‘open with’ and click on notepad. Just copy and paste everything in the note pad to the auction description. If you wish you may edit the contents as you wish. If you don’t have HTML experience, you might need some help.

2.) Pick a title, and set a price. In order to keep the value of this product up i do not allow the sale of my information for any less than $15. As for the title, use something similar to “$1000 PER MONTH INTERNET BUSINESS – YOUR OWN WEBSITE” or something along that line. You can come up with better titles. The key here is to think of your own title that is eye catching, if you use just a generic title then you won’t make as many sales. Spend 5 minutes thinking of your own, it will be worth it. Also make sure you list your auction in Ebay’s Business & Industrial > Businesses & Websites for Sale > Home-Based Businesses or Business & Industrial > Businesses for Sale > Internet Businesses & Websites area otherwise you auction will probably be cancelled.

3.) Once you have copied and pasted the auction template into your ebay auction you can now edit it by clicking on the “standard” tab.

4.) Make sure you have a paypal account so you can receive payments easily. Although there are lots of online payment outlets, paypal is the best and most closely linked with ebay.

5.) .) Each time you receive a payment from paypal you can automate your ebay preferences so that an email is sent automatically once payment is received. You might need to subscribe ebay selling manager pro for this to work. All you need to do is to alter the email template to include the details and the link to the site. It is automatic and will happen at any time of the day or night. You don’t have to be there.

And that’s basically it, you just collect the money and e-mail them the website link, with the information. If you don’t want to spend the extra money for the manager pro, you can send the information to the buyer as you confirm the payments.

Note: If you are new to ebay, you need to get some feedback quickly. Feedback are very important on ebay. You receive Feedback when you sell or buy. You may need about 20 feedback before you can use the ‘Buyitnow’ feature.

Remember you can sell this internationally: through your US ebay account or any international ebay site (it’s the same ebay username and password) by logging that site. You can list this more than once with different title you can come up with. Think creatively.

Now besides selling this product you may want to sell other products on ebay to get more of an establishment and some additional income. Here is a place (auction) you can buy some items as in bulk. Buy at and Sell on eBay 
Just make sure you do some research on the items on ebay before you buy them. Remember when you sell an item on ebay to someone, they become your customer. This also a way to build your email list and that’s where creating an Aweber account becomes crucial. You never know they could be your potential customer in the future.

Mailing lists are a very powerful tool that allow you to keep your customers up to date with news and new products that you are offering.

The best service that helps you manage a mailing list is Aweber, this is because they offer excellent customer service, loads of features for a really small fee, and could charge 10x the amount they do charge and i would still sign up to them. Amazing Auto responder service.

Once you go through all the details, you can decide on your options to move forward. If you want to try having an ecommerce site you can sign up at   BigCommerce and have your site with shopping cart.


Step 2.

Apart from selling things on ebay you may think about selling ebooks through your website

This is not something that I’ll cover much except you can think about it since i am not expecting you to make your own ebook website (not to begin with anyway, but i can’t hold your hand forever). Instead if you are interested, take a look at a great offer from John Thornhill if you want to take advantage off. John is offering just about all his ebook business to you at an amazing prize. I mean you can’t go wrong here. Click on the link and see for yourself. Just pay attention to his offers on Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Amazingly he is giving you a Professionally designed website included with this offer. Imagine how much it will cost you to build such a website. Its called:

90 Day Power Seller

Here are a few good ebooks to read which provide you information on how to write your own ebook

Book 1

Book 2


Step 3. Your own website

First, you need think of a website name (domain name) to register and host. Unfortunately nowadays it’s very difficult to find a good name, because most of them are taken. You can click on one of the links below to search and see if the domain name is available.

If you don’t have a website you can register and host you site here here:

If you are new to this, click on the link, once you are on the hosting site:

1. click on ‘sign up’
2. select register new domain (or need new domain),
3. Type the domain name (website name) and click next (continue)
4. If the name you typed is not available keep typing new one till you find one that you like. Once you find a suitable name for your website you can continue with the billing information on the next page.

Remember, think creatively for site name. As I mentioned most of them are taken.

If you like to have a professional website build and hosted you can go to this site and they offer 30 day FREE Trial.
Build a website in minutes. Free trial! 

For those don’t now much about websites, you can contact me at to help you with setting up your site.

As I mentioned this will cost you and there will be some verification process. I want to state this is not a company. I’m providing this information as an individual. For those need help, I can only assist one at a time. I have bought programs similar to this and taken the ideas and it worked for me to make extra cash while I’m working full time job. I’m sure if you do follow the steps you will make money. Look at it this way, you are not investing thousands of dollars to start a business. You are not renting an office or a warehouse. You are not stocking up any merchandise. I mean your investment only a couple of hundred dollars and the moment you sell few of these yourself on ebay, you already starting to make money.

Once you have a website and your own affiliate links (more explained later) you can publish your site to friends and family. Anything they shop though your site, you will earn a commission. There are many other way to publish your website though the internet. You can do some research on that. You can do that by advertising (fees – not a lot) in some search engines. Or visit my main page below, for some information.

In the mean time please read this ebook, which explains the basics of making your own website. Once you have read this it will be allot easier to follow my tutorial on how to make your first website. Please remember the link below is actually an ebook wrote in 2004 containing links to few other sites. Some of those links may not be active now. Read through it so you will get some ideas.

Create your own website in 5 days

You can also search the net for free software that helps you build a site as a starter.  Its always preferred to get a good website even if you have to spent some money.  It will pay back as your business grows, in fact in becomes necessary.

Important part is to replace the links with your own links so you can make money from the site. If you don’t you will me making some income for me. Its explained more when you get to the affiliate section. I’ll give you some more steps on how to replace with your own links later. However start running your website as soon as you can, even if you have to use some of my links. You can replace with your own as soon as you have them. There is no time to wait…


Step 4. Affiliates and how to use them

In this step we are going to talk about affiliates. Affiliates are people who basically redirect a customer to a website for a percentage of the sale.

Now you are going to use the concept of affiliates in a number of ways.

First you are going to put affiliate links onto your website. This is exactly like the banner to the right of this text. This is an affiliate link. If you click on it (please) and then sign up for webhosting (pretty please) i will earn a commission from the sale. That banner you are looking at to the right or the similar ones on this site makes me a moderate $300-500 a month or even more for those who can spend more time. That’s just about half of $1000/month that you are looking at. Few of the other one’s earn average of $500 per month. All this adds up. This not something hard to do. Once you see money coming into your affiliate account, i guarantee you, you will spend more time on your business and earn more money.

By putting affiliate links onto your ebook website you will be earning a commission every time you direct a customer to yours partners website. Now can you understand why you want to get as much traffic as possible from ebay onto your website. Not only do you get the chance for further purchases of your products but you also get the chance for them to purchase from one of your partners and earn a commission.

Now if you think writing your own information product sounds like too much hard work then this paragraph is for you. You can make money through a site called ClickBank. This is how I make most of my money. Basically it’s a site where people post their own digital products so that other people can promote them and earn a commission. Most of the time the commission is above 50% and can be as high as 90%. All you need to do is set up a sales page promoting the product, and when someone orders you will get a commission. Oh you may be thinking, how the bloody hell do i make a sales page? Well when selling someone else’s product through clickbank, they generally give you the sales page. This is a nice and simple way to make money from someone else’s product.

This is why SO MANY PEOPLE FAIL when it comes to writing and selling an ebook. Because they fail to see the big picture, they want all the profit for them self’s and don’t let anyone sell their product. But if they just opened their eyes and allowed resale rights, they would make at least 10x the amount they are currently making.

On the flip side however you can promote your own ebook onto clickbank. You can allow others to sell it for you, and you give them a percentage of the sale. Again lets put this into the bigger picture

You can make say 10 sales a day selling your own product and keep 100% of the profit. You have to promote it yourself and it can be hard to get started.


You can make 1000+ sales a day and keep 25% of the profit from each sale. You are just sitting back counting your money, while other people are out there working hard to promote your item.

An example of a clickbank item:

A fantastic product on clickbank at the moment is called “Fat loss for Idiots” (check it out), now this guy pays 75% to people who sell his product. His top 4 reseller’s grossed 1 million dollars in 65 days few years back. Now think, he is making 25% of that from those 4 sellers alone and he is doing diddly squat work. He probably has another 1000 other people out there promoting his product, he is probably making around a million profit every month, not too shabby. There are thousands of other products that you can promote.

For your reference more detailed information on affiliates please read the following ebooks

Ebook 1 – Affiliate Marketers Handbook

Ebook 2 – The Affiliate Marketing Success


Step 5. More on Affiliates

Once you have a website, these are few companies (sites) you can join for free as an affiliate. They have tons of merchants you can promote through your website. You will earn a % of commission or a fixed rate per each sale you make through your site. So click on these links and join for FREE!!

Commission Junction

These are just few examples of merchants that you can join and become an affiliate: Dell, 1800flowers,,, Tigerdirect, T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Dish, Expedia, Timewarnercable, Wallmart, Officemax, and more…more…

If you are in Europe or other part of the world, you can do a search online for affiliate marketing in your country. 

In Australia you may sign up with

You may sign up with other affiliate companies that you can search and find.

In Sweden you can sign up for


Many major shopping sites offer their own affiliate service where you can earn some extra cash through your website. Amazon is one of them. Here is the link. Amazon Affiliate program

Ebay also has affiliate program. You can check it through ebay site. They have special approval policies. In fact all affiliates have their own approval programs, rules and regulations. You can learn more when you apply to become their affiliate. If you are approved you will earn commissions (% of ebay fee) each sale that goes through your affiliate link. Also there is fixed commission when a new customer sign up for an ebay account. International ebay sites may earn more commission for sign up. Once again these are all options you can try.

Just like Commission Junction and Linkshare, Google has thousands of merchants that you can join and become affiliated with. Visit Google Affiliate Network

Another money making tool that you can add on to your site is Google AdSense

However you can sign up for adsense and have your own google search box (similar to the one above) on your site which will earn some additional income for you (its not a lot, but everything adds up).

How it works: Very simple, anyone search on google through your seach box from your site, you will earn money. Google does verifications and if you search on your own from certain IP address, you may not get any money for that. Also you can put up google contents (looks like banners or text links) that also get money when clicks are made.

Just an example, not guaranteed of such earning: let say 5-10 people do few searches each per day. You might earn somewhere from $1.00 to $3.00. Remember this just for searching. So If you have 30-40 or more people search everyday, you can imagine how that adds up. Once again this is only and estimate, not a guarantee, and not all searches will give you earning either. You can learn more once you sign up for Google Adsence from the above link. Its absolutely free. There is lots of information and resources on Google adsence page. Google also have Google AdWords where you can advertise your website. For all these Google accounts you can use the same login and passwords.

Well there is a program available if you like to buy. You can consider this as part of your investment. Great Product.

Make money from Google Ads. Click on link below, view the add page, towards the bottom, you have a ‘Buy Now’ Option.

Secret to Getting Google Ads FREE just $67



I hope the previous steps have opened the door to a future of wealth for you. I guarantee if you follow the system and put some good old fashioned hard work in then you will make a fortune.

Don’t forget to keep coming back because this guide is never finished. Everyday i come up with new ideas on how to make money on the internet, and when i learn them you learn them. Also if you find a new way to make money, or a new twist on an existing idea then please e-mail it to me and i will add it to this page

The internet is so big that we can all share this information and still all become very wealthy.

Very importantly, keep all the emails of your customers, so you can send more information about your business as your business grows.

!! Keep your network building, through Facebook or other social network !! They are very powerful.

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