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FZL Aluminum Cage Ball R Retainer ball bearing man

Posted by: slidebushing on 05/26/2017 10:18 PM

Bearing use
1 use matters needing attention tumble bearings make fine parts, and therefore in the use of demand accordingly hold steady mood, not only changed the use of the [url=]deep groove ball bearing[/url] high-performance bearings, used improperly, it can not reach the intended functional effect, therefore, the use of bearings so should pay attention to the following matters:
1.1 adhere to clean bearing and its surroundings. Even the naked eye can not see the smile dust Jiashan bearing into the bearing, will increase the bearing wear, vibration and noise.
1.2 To use the device carefully, do not allow a strong punch, does not allow a direct hit with a hammer bearing, is not allowed to pass through the roll body pressure.
1.3 use appropriate and accurate means something, as far as possible the use of bimetal bearings for something, trying to avoid using fabric and staple fiber stuff like that.
1.4 to avoid corrosion of bearings, bearing directly by hand when handling, plenty to wash hands sweat, and coated with mineral oil after an excellent operation, and during the rainy season to pay attention to the summer special anti-rust {TodayHot}.
2 Cooperation
The inner diameter and [url=]FZL Aluminum Cage Ball R Retainer[/url] dimensions 2.1 scale selected cooperation is rolling bearing according to the standard production of Gongyi, the bearing inner ring and tightness cooperation axis, the outer ring and housing bore only through manipulation of the journal and the housing bore Gongyi public Battle to complete. Cooperation bearing inner ring and the shaft hole basis of the selection, the choice of co-shaft system bearing outer ring and housing bore. The correct selection of cooperation, it is necessary to know the actual condition of the bearing load, temperature and other needs, and in fact is very d ficult. Thus, most of the situation is based on the use of lapping pick cooperation.
2.2 Load pick cooperation should first ponder the nature of the rotation vector relative to the ferrule load condition. In accordance with the composition of radial load vector rotating about the status of the ferrule, ferrule accepted composite can be divided into: fixed load, rotary load and load swing.
a. Secure the load effect on the composition of the radial load on the ring by ring raceway accepted part of the region, and the corresponding part of the regional spread shaft or bearing, such as a fixed load load. Its characteristics are an integral radial load vector stop opposite the ferrule. Directed load receiving ferrule can choose looser cooperation.
b. Rotate the load effect on the composition of the radial load on the ferrule raceway along the circumferential direction of rotation, in turn accepted by the various parts of this load is called rotational load, which is characterized by consisting of radial load vector rotation about the ferrule. Receiving the rotational load ring should be selected tight cooperation, in particular conditions, such as load is light or heavy rings in effect only occasional low rolling bearing selection when hard materials and high rough appearance, acceptance rotating loads rings can also be used looser cooperation.
c. swing load effect on the composition of the radial load on the uncertain direction of the ring, this condition is called load or no load swing directional load, which is characterized by the effect on the composition of the ferrule radial load vector in a certain ring raceway rocking the region for a certain region raceway accepted, or the effect of the load on the bearing is the impact load, load oscillation, its orientation, often changing the load value. Swing was accepted load bearing inner ring and outer {HotTag} state, the bearing hole tight cooperation cooperation must be selected.
Load size 2.3 ring and win over an amount between shaft or housing depends on the size of the load, the heavier loads use a larger amount of wins over the lighter load use a smaller amount over the wins. Usually equivalent radial load p dividend "light", "normal", "heavy" load three conditions, their contact with the bearing of additional dynamic load c, for reference when selecting the shaft and housing bore Gongyi band.
Selected based on the size and nature of the load shaft and housing bore Gongyi 2.4 band, the shaft and the Commission with a controllable Gongyi rules.
2.5 Cooperation appearance of roughness and geometric appearance Gongyi cooperation roughness and shape of Gongyi, a direct impact on the use of the function of commodities, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance and nature of cooperation. For this purpose, shape and position of Gongyi reasonable rule shaft and [url=]precision bearings[/url] and raised the appearance of roughness needs to cooperate on a stable cooperative nature and improve the coupling strength over the crucial win cooperation.

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