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Customized sliding bearing teflon sleeve bearing Factory

Posted by: slidebushing on 05/27/2017 02:08 AM

Smooth without oil bearing characteristics and advantages<br />Smooth without oil bearing characteristics and advantages are:<br />1, without oil or less oil is smooth, smooth is applicable to cannot go or it's hard to go places, but do not maintain or less maintenance when in use.<br />2,<a href="">Metal mesh with PTFE bushing,strip</a>, stress can be spread on the wide touch, the bearing capacity of composite bearing progress bearing ability.<br />3, wear-resisting performance is good, small friction coefficient, long use l e.<br />4, in the operation process of handling membrane, maintain the effect of grinding axis, no bite shaft surface.<br />Near 5, static friction coefficient, oil-free bearings can eliminate creep under low speed, and ensure the work precision machinery.<br />6,<a href="">Customized sliding bearing teflon</a> can make the mechanical cutting vibration and drop noise, avoid pollution and improve the working conditions.<br />7, thin-walled layout, light quality, can reduce the mechanical volume.<br />8, low hardness requirement, about the grinding axis of <a href="">spherical plain bearing</a> can be used without tempering treatment then drop the connection parts processing d ficulty.<br />Nine tails can be plating a variety of metal, steel, can be used in the corrosive medium.

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