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After you have downloaded the software you will need to open the folder where it was downloaded to.

Installing Host: Please note that administrative privileges are required to install the Host.

1. Run the file and follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard.

2. At the Installations Options step keep the defaults enabled unless you need custom settings: make sure all boxes are checked.

3. During installation, the program will ask you to create an access password for the Host. Create the password, click OK and continue with the installation. Make sure to write this down.

4. Click Finish once the installation is complete. You will now have a new Host icon on the bottom right of your screen

5. Right-click the Host icon and select Internet-ID Connection Settings.

6. Click Get New ID.

7. A unique Internet ID will be generated. Note and record the ID and close the settings.

8. After a while a small blue light will appear on the Host icon in the system tray. This means that the Host has successfully connected to an intermediary server on the web and is ready for connection.

9. You do NOT have to generate an Internet ID for each remote session. The ID stays the same unless you manually change it using the Advanced → Get new ID command in the Internet ID dialog.

Now you have completed the steps needed to setup for remote support from us, you can either call us with the info or go to our Contact us page with the ID & password and post it in the form to send to us.

We will contact you to get to setup a time & date for support.

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