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Remote Support, what does this mean for you and how does it help you?

Ever get those calls or pop-ups that tell you that you have tons of problems with your computer or laptop? Well chances are there is malware on your computer, after all they are calling you and they probably got that info from your computer. Some of our customers have allowed the callers to access their computer and find it password protected within a couple days, by the way, they never had one on there. Our the customer that gave on of the callers his debit card info to fix his computer for $299, and later on that week find his total account wiped clean of the $2000 he had saved in there. These are just a couple of our customers that shared their stories with us, their are hundreds more, just like the ones we have shared already.

Our response is to offer our customers remote support. This allows you to have who you want to access your computer to keep it cleaned and running as best it can.

Why us you ask? We have been in business since 1986, and is probably one of the oldest computer sales and service companies around. The founder of the company has been working on computers since 1973. We are also rated A+ by the BBB.

Having a reputable company working on your computer is what you want as a partnership. That way you will have a trusted ally in the battle against malware.

For those that don't know what malware is, it is a short name for malicious software, meaning adware, spyware, viruses, back door trojans, and any other software designed to screw up your computer. Some bloatware programs fall under this heading.

You can call us at our office at 757-727-9263 or email us at and we can get you set up & answer any questions you may have.


Here you can download & install one of the software we can run support with on your PC or Laptop

Remote Utility Software - Directions on how to install software

TeamViewer - Directions on how to install software

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